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I have just viewed on our ABC, TV the “ultimate betrayal”, of the many that were killed and wounded in ww2.

Japan will send to Australia, Military personnel to train and obviously infiltrate, by the decree of our political leaders.

My last mission in the R.A.A.F. as a crew member in a Dakota aircraft was to help to bring home our cruelly decimated skin and bone “Prisoner’s of War” from the beastly Hell of the Japanese Prison Guards and the filthy camps.

The national traits do not change and our political leaders have waited to the ww2. Veterans who are now over 90 years of age or dead and Japan will have achieved its original ww2. Aggressive aims, without firing a shot.

Trade agreements will be signed, we will supply coal and mined basic materials, essential for armaments and many products to compete or indeed annihilate Australians fledgling manufacturing industries as has China, the flood gates are now wide open.

Sir, I feel defeated and it was all for nothing.


Bob Wakelin

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