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Australia’s copyright legislation has long provided for fair dealing. Australian legislation first used the expression ‘fairly dealing’ in its Copyright Act 1905 (Cth)—the first common law country to do so. Subsequent Acts—the Copyright Act 1912 (Cth), which declared the Copyright Act 1911 (Imp) to be in force in Australia and the current Copyright Act which replaced the 1912 Act—use the term ‘fair dealing’. These latter two Acts, including amendments to the current Copyright Act,  have instituted a list of specific exceptions under the fair dealing rubric. Specific fair dealing exceptions exist for the purposes of:

  1. research or study;
  2. criticism or review;
  3. parody or satire;
  4. reporting news;
  5. a legal practitioner, registered patent attorney or registered trade marks attorney giving professional advice.

RealNewsOne engages in research and study, criticism and review and reporting news. 

Some Images, not all, on Real News One are copyright of Real Media One Group and its owner, A Watson. Unless other wise indicated all images are copyrighted to A Watson and Real Media One Group (RMOG).

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