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QLD COVID-19: nine new cases, testing rate to low

Queensland has nine new cases acquired in the community in Queensland over the last 24 hours, and has conducted 11,468 tests in the last 24 hour period. Government officials are saying that the testing rate is not enough. The CHO says they do not have any link between these cases that have happened in Indooroopilly and where it originally started from the two people who came into Queensland from overseas, with the same genome sequence.

The concern is the DELTA variant can transmit within seconds and spreads in hours, not days. Officials are saying if you have any symptoms whatsoever. “You must come forward, and you must get tested”. People cannot be complacent. The Health minister said “only leave your home to get tested, or essential services over the next couple of days for the lockdown”.

Those being asked to quarantine at home were reminded that it is a lawful direction, and must stay at home, and only leave home to get a test if unwell and when they need any support whatsoever to ring 134 COVID.

The CHO also clarified that for students at a secondary school from year seven onwards doesn’t matter must wear masks regardless their age and all teachers for primary school and for high school must wear a mask. The only exception is for those teaching children who are deaf.

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