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10 New Covid Cases In Queensland – All UK Variant

Queensland has 10 new cases overnight. Eight of these are community acquired cases, with six close contacts of confirmed cases. 14,589 tests have been conducted over the last 24 hours.

Dr Young, Queensland’s Chief Health Officer ,said that the good news is that these cases are linked, and they now believe that there are two distinct clusters. One cluster linked to the PA doctor from the beginning of March. The second cluster is inked to the PA nurse so all the current cases in the community are close contacts of both of these cases.

Five of the new cases are related to the second cluster. The details about the two clusters are:

The first cluster is related to that doctor at the PA hospital who treated a confirmed case who also passed it on to another traveller in hotel quarantine.

The second cluster, is a nurse that worked at the PA hospital on the 18th of March in the COVID ward. Dr Young said this is all very preliminary information. One of the close contacts of the nurse is her sister who has been infected with the same genome.

There are a further five cases linked to the PA nurse, (or the sister) they all attended a party together down in Byron Bay. Currently Queensland doesn’t have the community transmission out there that they are aware of the moment. All of the cases are linked to either the first cluster with the doctor who worked at the PA or the second cluster, which is a brand new cluster unrelated to that first cluster linked. The nurse at the PA had been on leave for a month and was due to get the vaccine this week.

One of the positive cases in the second cluster, who lives in the Gold Coast and he works as a tradie, attended a hens party as an entertainer, and when he came back he did go to an age care facility on the Gold Coast, but every resident in that age care facility has already been vaccinated with their first dose.

Premier Palaszczuk said “it’s critical for our contact tracers to get on top of this and it is really important if anyone out there is feeling sick and has any symptoms. Please go and get tested, we need to eliminate any community transmission out there in the community”

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