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Israel: Fetus Dies From COVID-19 at 36 weeks

Israel: According to reports in Israeli media outlet N12, an Israeli woman in the 36th week of her pregnancy has lost her baby due to COVID-19. The mother, who was infected with COVID-19, presented at the Meir Medical Center in Kfar Saba feeling unwell. Upon investigation doctors discovered that the fetus in her womb was dead.

A subsequent laboratory test revealed that the fetus was also infected with the virus. This is the 2nd case in the county in two weeks. A similar case occurred last week, when a a 29-year-old woman with COVID in Ashdod, had also presented at a community doctor when she could no longer feel the baby moving.

Subsequent laboratory tests revealed that both the fetus and the placenta were found to be carriers of the virus and at a later stage the medical staff at the hospital estimated with high probability that the fetus died from the corona. This case was the first in the country that a fetus is infected in its mother’s womb and among the few

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