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COVID-19: Nearly a third of people with serious COVID may suffer PTSD

A recently published Italian study of 381 patients who had recovered from severe COVID-19 found 30.2 per cent (115 patients) had post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The study was based on a comprehensive medical and psychiatric assessment. Researchers found that women with a history of mental health problems were most at risk of developing PTSD, the scientists say.

It was also reported that in the PTSD group more persistent medical symptoms, often reported by patients after recovery from severe COVID-19.

During acute COVID-19 illness, most patients were hospitalized (309 of 381 [81.1%]), with a standard hospital stay length of a little over 18 days.

PTSD was found in 115 participants (30.2%). In the total sample, additional diagnoses were depressive episode, hypomanic episode, generalized anxiety disorder, and psychotic disorders.

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