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The Australia Institute: Facebook Australia News Ban Is Arrogant, Reckless and Dangerous And Will Make It A Weaker Social Network

In response to Facebook’s Australian News Ban, The Australia Institute Statement in response to has said that the decision to ban Australians from sharing news online will make it a weaker social network

“Facebook’s decision to prevent users viewing for sharing public interest journalism will make it a weaker social network,” said Peter Lewis, director of the Australia Institute’s Centre for Responsible Technology.

“The social network is destroying its social license to operate. Facebook actions mean the company’s debates about privacy, disinformation and data protection will require a bigger push for stronger government regulation.

Lewis went on to explain that without fact-based news to anchor it, Facebook will become little more than cute cats and conspiracy theories. He also highlighted that at a time when the importance of facts in dealing with a global health crisis are critical, Facebook’s decision is arrogant, reckless and dangerous.

“For years Facebook have been holding back against valuing facts and taking accountability for what their network promotes.

“It has honed advertising models that excite, enrage and divide its users and fails to

recognise the benefits of anchoring its network in ethically-curated news content.

“If Facebook determines to treat Australians with such contempt, Australians should respond by ending its use of Facebook and using alternate ways to connect online.”

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