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China Warns Australia To Back Off Over Xinjiang

Picture: Wenhui lim

China sent a blunt warning to Australia over Xinjiang saying they are firmly opposed to any country who interferes in Chinese domestic affairs under “the banner of human rights”

The warning came after the Australian government called on China to allow UN officials to enter Xinjiang immediately and “unhindered” to conduct investigations into alleged human rights abuses in the autonomous region.

In response to the demand China has said that the relevant persons in charge of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region government are taking the “righteous course”, and everything they do is upright and open. Beijing has said they welcome “people from all walks of life, including relevant officials of the new US administration”, to “take a walk and take a look at Xinjiang.”

The Chinese Government has also stated it opposes any so-called “investigation” that advocates the presumption of guilt in Xinjiang.

Speaking to the media a spokesperson for the the Chinese government, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin, said there is no so-called “re-education camp” in Xinjiang. There are only vocational skills education and training center established according to. He went on further to say they are no different to the “Transformation and Departure Project” established in the United Kingdom and the de-radicalization center established in France. They also denied that there is any “systematic sexual abuse” being carried by the authorities in Xinjiang.

They also stated “the Education and Training Center strictly implements the constitution and legal provisions, guarantees that the basic rights of participating trainees are not violated, and it is strictly forbidden to insult and abuse students in any way.”

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