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While the USA is in turmoil Trump continues to flirt with delusional ideas

The White House

(Opinion) Much ink will be spilt and keys tapped over the tragedy that has played out in Washington D. C. However right now the USA is under siege, the National Guard is active in 14 states. There are warnings of armed protests, starting as early as this weekend. While Trump said he was committed to a peaceful and orderly transition of power; he still has not actually President-Elect Biden. He’s not going to President-Elect Biden’s inauguration next week and he’s going to be leaving DC beforehand.

Even though he has said he is committed to a peaceful and orderly transition of power; dangerous and fringe ideas are still making their way inside the White House. Business leaders have been seen visiting Trump, with ideas such martial law being imposed on the nation. It is clear that President’s mindset has not privately changed. His opinion or his view of what’s going on when it comes to this election dangerously stays the same. All of this is happening as federal law enforcement officials say they have uncovered some evidence which suggests the attack on the Capitol was a planned attack. This does not bode well for Trump due to the fact that he had for months and months been stirring up the very people who attack the capital into a frenzy. He built up the lie, and the violence, even before the election.

He knew that he was lying about the election and even those around him knew it was a lie. Alyssa Farah the Former White House Director of Strategic Communications has come out and said that she had growing concerns about the fact that the administration was misleading the public with their endeavour to say that the election was stolen. She also said that it became abundantly clear, to the administration they just didn’t win. As the lies and charades continued she also mentioned that people around him knew better, they knew that the results were not going to be overturned in the courts or by the legislative branch. They also knew that it was a stunt to carry this on for so long. She has said: “We didn’t win because we just came up short.”

Die Hard Republicans have said if they find out that they have been lied to, they will never vote again. This will be part of Trumpism’s legacy. But for Trump cares not about his followers. The 88 million people that follow him are from his standpoint, worshippers. He doesn’t care at all about them it’s a entirely one way street.

Now Trump is increasingly isolated in the White House you’re seeing a lot of his top aides depart this week. the post describes his inner circle completely shrinking. He lashes out at those that remain. He’s basically according to the post just watching TV – he’s abdicating his job duties, Trump is not doing his job, Vice President Mike Pence is.

The Art of the Deal co author, Tony Schwartz speaking to MSNBC’s Ari said it was always a race for Trump between whether he would destroy the USA or destroy himself first. He also said he is not comfortable ruling out counting out Trump completely. Schwartz also has a warning about Trump for the future: “he’s unleashed and sanctioned his supporters, a level of violence that will very likely rise during the next four years and perhaps dramatically so”

Schwartz isn’t the only one who is raising the alarm about how dangerous Trump is. Speaking to MSNBC Dr Lance Dodes said Trump is a deeply disturbed man, a delusional psychopath, who has been the same his whole adult life. He went on to say Trump gets worse the more stress he was under. He also said “We will not see the end of him unless he’s locked up.”

While things are looking bad for Tump, it is looking very bad also for Donald Trump Jr. The Attorney General for DC has said to CNN his office our office has asked Donald Trump Jr to sit for a sworn deposition related to their investigation into the misuse of a million dollars for the Inaugural Committee. The AG said the Trump business and Trump family used a not for profit to profit themselves. That’s why the presidential inauguration permission is so much money for rooms and event space that were far above market rate.

Only time will tell how things will pan out.

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