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USA: States Increase Security Measures Before President-Elect Biden’s Inauguration

As Washington DC prepares for the inauguration of President elect Joe Biden with never before seen levels of military and National Guard deployed on the streets and with parts of the capital such as The National Mall being closed to the public. Similar security measures are being deployed across various other capital cities in other states.

In Texas, the Department of Public Safety closing the Capitol grounds at the Capitol Building closed starting today all the way through the inauguration of Joe Biden. Texan Authorities are aware of protests planned at the Capitol and violent extremist who they seek to exploit constitutionally protected events to conduct criminal acts.State DPS officers are scattered around the grounds of the Capitol ,however, They’re not in full riot gear but they do have face shields.

Texas State Capitol

Over in Atlanta, the Capital Area has got low barriers, armoured vehicles and a strong law enforcement presence with state and federal authorities working together. Texan Governor Brian Kemp has said earlier in the week that the threat level in the city is relatively low but that they’re not taking any chances. He also said that the activities seen during the insurrection on January 6 illegal and un-American activities, and are not welcomed in Georgia.

Lieutenant governor Jeff Duncan said there is a very significant increased security presence at the Capitol. The Lieutenant governor said “Looking at my office window yesterday it dawned on me that the gentleman standing there in the rain was there because not because of a terrorist but because potentially a republican could want to attack our Capitol and myself.” The Lieutenant governor also acknowledged that Trump’s words make Georgia less safe. Even though there isn’t a known specific threat in Atlanta, nobody’s taking any chances.

While Lansing, Michigan which saw threats made against Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer, various riots on Capitol grounds, has more of a visual deterrent (metal chin link fence) than it is a physical deterrent. The state legislators will not present in the building because of the credible threat that the police have gotten on the Capitol.

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