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Trump’s claims that 2.7 million votes for him were deleted – are mathematically impossible

Trump’s claims that 2.7 million votes for him were deleted – are simply mathematically impossible. The main issue for Trump’s baseless claims is that he stated that 941,000 votes that were for him in Pennsylvania were deleted. However, this is just wrong.

The company Dominion serves 14 counties In Pennsylvaniathat produced 1.3 million votes with a voter turnout of 76%. Fifty-two percent of those votes across the 14 counties went to President Trump. This means Dominion processed about 676,000 votes for the President in Pennsylvania. There never were 941,000 votes to “delete.”

Trump’s claims of vote fraud and election rigging just don’t add up…

The USA’s Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency has categorically said there is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised.

Trump is bruising from his lost to President—Elect Joe Biden who he saw a weak candidate

Meanwhile Trump’s campaign has launched a new legal effort this week aimed at stopping the certification of election results in Pennsylvania, as the president continued to refuse to concede to President-elect Joe Biden. A number of Trump’s lawsuits have been thrown out.

At the same time a number of Republican senators, including members of GOP leadership, have said that President-elect Joe Biden should get the intelligence briefings that he is currently unable to receive because of President Trump’s refusal to accept the election results.

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