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ACTU: Un-amended JobMaker scheme will only create insecure work

The ACTU has sounded the warning that the rejection of amendments to JobMaker by the federal government is likely to create a new wave of insecure work and risks displacing workers in existing jobs. Morrison Government rejected common safeguard amendments put forward by the ALP and the Greens and supported by Jacqui Lambie and Rex Patrick to the JobMaker hiring credit.

The ACTU claims that in opposing the amendments the Government has created a program which has no dispute resolution mechanism and without adequate safeguards to prevent employers from replacing existing staff with new JobMaker subsidised staff.

The protection of existing jobs and creation of secure work is essential to the recovery from the recession, and not only is the Government not doing enough to create secure, well-paid jobs, it is creating opportunities for employers to replace secure employees with vulnerable young people receiving short-term or casual work.

ACTU President Michele O’Neil says: “By opposing these amendments the Government has made it clear that the aspects of the bill which will risk the jobs, hours and pay of working people are not bugs but features. This legislation is designed to allow businesses to bring in more insecure workers.”

“The refusal of this Government to invest in saving existing jobs or creating secure work will delay and extend the recovery and cause significant financial hardship for working people.”

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