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Prime Minister Morrison Fails Public Morality Test And Protects The “Boy’s Club”

(Comment/Opinion) The evangelical, god fearing Prime Minister of Australia has failed the public morality test by refusing to deal with the allegations made public this week in the ABC’s Four Corner’s report. In fact he has past the buck and said that was an issue for the guy who came before him. In other words, victims be damned and those in power you’re safe.

It doesn’t matter that it was dealt with in private, the fact is, it is now public knowledge and MPs, especially those on the front bench are held to a higher standard. Morrison had the chance to show substance and to stand up and do the right thing. Stand them down and send a message. Instead he has, and will do nothing.

He said when asked “I think Australians understand human frailty, and I think they understand the people who work in this place are just as human as anyone else and subject to the same vulnerabilities and frailties as anyone.” Yes we understand human frailty, yes we know they are human but we still expect them to up hold a higher standard. Other MPs in the past have lost their positions because of behaviour like this (Jim Cairns anyone??).

Morrison has said that “every single person who works in this place, and any place in this country, should feel safe”. However, the message he is sending is “if you work for us you will not be protected — only the boys will”. It is this attitude that allows behaviour — predator like behaviour — to continue in the workplace. It send mixed messages to our children.

The simple fact of the matter is those who are at the centre of what is happening need to step back and step down so that the government is not being distracted, the higher standards are being upheld, and that those who work in parliament — any parliament in Australia — are safe and respected.

As one columnist wrote this week: “The women in question invariably get moved on to another office, or are so sullied and bruised by the experience they quit politics.” — in other words, the boy’s club is protected.

To put it plainly, protecting the boy’s club attacks women, harms men, and destroys every one and everything.

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