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6 New Covid 19 Cases In Qld

Queensland now has 6 new cases related to the Youth Detention Centre cluster. The cases are located in Bundamba, Marsden, Carindale, North Ipswich and Forest Lake.

New restrictions are in place immediately for Brisbane,Logan, Ipswich, the Scenic Rim, Morton Bay and Lockey Valley (the whole greater Brisbane area, not the Gold Coast not the Sunshine Coast.) People can only have gatherings of 10 in their own home.

Last night in the greater Brisbane area all aged care facilities, disability accommodation services, are not to have visitors. Hospitals and Emergency Departments are to use personal protective equipment for every single patient they see, because at the moment they don’t know who may have been infected.

If you’re sick with any symptoms at all — No matter how mild — stay home isolate yourself and get yourself tested as soon as possible, The government has stood up a lot of additional clinics.

The Queensland Police have said the message to the community is that they will take this seriously from a policing perspective, people need to comply and for anyone who blindly decides to disregard those restrictions, there will be consequences.

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