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Qld Warns NSW Over Virgin Airlines “Back Off”

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In a strong warning to New South Wales Queensland has said “back off – back right off. Just don’t go there!”

If the world knows one thing, it knows this. There is nothing more dangerous than Queenslanders with their backs to the wall.

Minister Dick said that Queensland will stop at nothing to ensure that the headquarters of virgin remains in Queensland. He also said that if Now New South Wales wants to bring a peashooter to the fight, “that’s fine, we’ll bring a bazooka, and we’re not afraid to use it.”

Speaking to the press he said that he thinks this is more about propping up the Western Sydney Airport, than it is about the genuine interests of virgin workers.

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The Queensland Government said it is calling on Scott Morrison, “to come to the party and to show some national leadership. This is a national airline in a national crisis, and it needs a national response.”

Minister Dick also said that aviation means so much to Queensland, particularly regional communities. Minister Dick said that the 1200 jobs at Bowen hills headquarters for virgin need to stay in this state.

“It is a nonsense to think that the federal government should even consider a New South Wales proposal to shift these workers at a time of great dislocation at a time of great uncertainty and New South Wales.” Said the Minister.

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