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Covid19: Trump’s Lies and Inaction Killed 41,000 Americans (Comment)

Let’s cut to the chase, President Trump’s lies and inaction has lead to the death of over 41,000 Americans. Trump campaigned on the slogan “Make America Great Again” instead he has destroyed the United States. The US now accounts for 31% of the world’s cases of Covid19 and a quarter of all the deaths.

This all started because he has a personal vendetta against President Obama and anything that Obama put in place he has gone out of his way to destroy. This includes the Global Health Security Unit within the National Security Council. President Obama had put in place a Global Health Security Unit within the National Security Council, this group would have been the group to sound the alarm on Covid19 pandemic and the threat it poses. President Trump fired them, and along with firing them he discarded the 69 page pandemic response playbook.

41,000 Americans have died because of Trump.
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To cover up the fact he has blood on his hands he lies daily about the testing capabilities of the United States. Everyday he says that the USA has tested more people than any other country. This is misleading the US is woefully behind in testing per capita and ranks about 42 in the world in terms of testing.

As a bench mark this can be seen with South Korea. South Korea had its first case of the coronavirus on the same day as the US and implemented widespread testing of it population two weeks later. Months later after their first case the USA (thanks to Trump) still does not have a nationwide plan for testing in place. South Korea has had 232 deaths, the USA had 41,000 deaths, given the difference in population size it would be expected that the US death rate would be about six times that of South Korea. Instead, it is 176 times, this is directly related to the delay in testing.

He has also blamed the Governors of the states saying that they are not availing themselves of the full ability of testing – there is no evidence that any governor is deliberately not using available testing capacity. He also says governors are losing supplies, doctors and nurses are stealing them – There is no evidence to support this.

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The President could also use the Defence Production Act to help the nation to produce tests. Once again, he has been startlingly slow, and using the Defence Production Act. Hundreds of thousands of times in his presidency, Tump has used the Defence Production Act to get things that he wanted for the military. When it come to Covid19. Trump held off in doing it until basically the end of March and still has not fully called upon the USA’s manufacturing to produce the items that are needed resulting on massive shortages of medical supplies at hospitals around the country.

He lies about the number of beds needed, he says there is no shortage of beds, but that is not the case, Chicago, Westchester New York and Philadelphia appear to have bed shortages for accommodating the number of patients needed.

The situation is the same for masks. he’s suggesting that we the situation with masks has been resolved. There is still a shortage of masks in hospitals around the country. The CDC has found that at least 9000 health workers have become sick because of this disease at least two nurses in New York have died from it.

The daily press briefings about Covid19 are to be informative, to keep the nation updated with what the federal government is doing. Instead the President is using the briefing to read a loud flattering articles in newspapers.

The reality is the President due to his lies and inactions has killed 41,000 Americans, no amount of spin will change this. He has blood on his hands.

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