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Covid19: Qld 0 New Cases

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For the first time in 81 days Queensland has had 0 new cases over night. This leaves Queensland with a total at around 1009. Minister Miles said “This is the reward for the effort we all put in over that Easter long weekend.” The Minster further stated that 20 remain in hospital with seven in intensive care.

Premier Palaszczuk said she is overjoyed with the result. She also mentioned that is this continues that the state will be able to make some changes to some of the restrictions on the population.

Queensland Chief Health Officer said that over the last few days Queensland has seen only a handful of cases each day. She also stated that all of the strategies that are in place are working, and more importantly that, Queenslanders have heard the message and are following the directions.

She did give a warning over the easing of the restrictions “We know that if we were to significantly release any of those restrictions, that we would probably end up with some other countries have that we’re seeing at the moment … and those are the things that we’ll be looking at carefully, where we can remove some of those restrictions”

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