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Qld: Remote Learning For The Next 5 weeks

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For the next five weeks starting tomorrow, Queensland students we will be having remote learning from home. To facilitate this the Queensland Government has organised an additional 5000 laptops for families in May, as well as 5000 SIM cards donated by Telstra.

These arrangements have been put into place based on the health advice, where social distance is needed in schools for those students of essential workers and vulnerable to children who need to attend school.

Minister Grace said that it is essential that every student in Queensland is accounted for and that teachers and schools know exactly where students. Parents are asked that they login, let the schools know that they are at learning at home. Minister Grace said they don’t expect parents to teach their children at home. She outlined that this is remote learning the teacher will be there to continue the learning from a remote location, or from printed material or a combination of digital print and virtual learning

No parent is required to become a teacher. She highlighted that is what teacher and teacher aides are paid for.

Mark Breckenridge from the Queensland secondary Principals Association stated that the next week in the weeks following will be particularly challenging in schools. He also mentioned that principals and their staff have done an enormous amount of work throughout the Easter break “it certainly wasn’t a holiday,”

“… enormous amount of work has gone into getting as ready as we possibly can be.”

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He also mentioned that if parents do have concerns, they need to contact their school’s principal. “contact them early. Schools work best when there’s a strong homeschool partnership.”

“The opportunities for schools and homes to work closely together will help get us all through this”

Mark Breckenridge from the Queensland secondary Principals Association

” if we remain calm. If we remain patient, if we work together we will get through this … don’t worry if on the first day, or the first few days of remote learning everything doesn’t go to plan. In fact, I’m sure there’ll be many instances where there are some teething problems … we’ll work through them … we’ll get through this together for the health and well being of all our students and school community.

Grace Grace – Minister for Education Queensland

Premier Palaszczuk said if you are working from home, and you are incapable of supervising to ensure that your child is getting that online resource work happening, then you should contact your principal. She also mentioned that now is not the time to be sending your child to school. If you don’t need the categories set out for those who need to go to school.

Minister Grace further said that they ask that every parent exercise, a reasonable common sense approach, and it would be irresponsible to at the moment where the state is with COVID-19 to be advocating that parents unilaterally send their children to school.

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