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USA’s Covid19 Disaster Is Trump’s Own Making

Covid19 is proving a disaster for the United States and all of this is due to just one man, one political party, and their foolishness.

In the USA states without stay at home orders, in the past week have seen an increase in Covid19 cases. Oklahoma, had an increase of 53%, Arkansas, an increase of 60%, Nebraska had an increase of 74%, Iowa had an increase of 82%, and South Dakota had an increase of 205%.

Some of these states said they don’t need stay at home orders because they didn’t “have a lot of cases”. They’re now starting to have a lot of cases because they didn’t put “stay at home orders” in place.

New York is one of the few places to be acting proactively in fighting Covid19 Photo by Michał Ludwiczak on

This trend undermines the notion that President Trump perpetuated that the there is no need for social distancing in rural areas.

In a lot of instances, some churches insisted upon holding Easter services and they already had been seeing a large number of people who have been going to church services, exposing themselves to other people have become sick.

In the US, they are getting close to 700,000 cases. The USA has seen an increase of nearly over 40,000. cases in the last 24 hours and without widespread testing, they cannot know for sure how many there really are.

Photo by Anna Shvets on

The President has repeatedly tried to rewrite the timeline.

The Obama administration tried to prepare for pandemics in 2017. The Pentagon flagged to the Trump administration in the first year of Trump’s presidency, that there was a potential shortage of masks hospital beds ventilators and other equipments and warned that there could well be a risk of a epidemic disease, and that the administration should prepare for. The Trump administration . The following year, 2018 was when President Trump, officially fired the Obama’s administration pandemic response team.

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