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USA: All 50 states and all territories of the USA are now under major disaster declarations

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Vice President Pence has announced that all 50 states and all territories of the USA are now under major disaster declarations. He also mentioned that for the first time in the USA’s history there are 33,000 National Guardsmen are on duty. This also includes a major disaster declaration for American Samoa.

The Vice President also highlighted that 5500 active duty military personnel had been deployed to nine states, including 716, medical professionals doctors and nurses were deployed out to 14 different hospitals.

Speaking as regard to FEMA, the Vice President said that as of April 16th, FEMA has coordinated the delivery of millions of pieces of medical equipment including 95 respirator 63 million surgical masks, more than 10,000 ventilators, and thousands of federal medical station beds.

The Vice President said that he wanted to assure the American people that we’re going to continue to work with the governors and with state health officials to scale testing in the days ahead. He also said that states that have a downward trajectory in cases over a 14 day period of time, and ensure that they have proper capacity in their health care facilities could move to phase one with the easing of some of the social distancing.

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