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Trump Outlines Guide For the Gradual Reopening of the USA

The White House

President Trump has stated that the USA will begin a science based reopening of the country. He also stated that the USA must be extra vigilant in blocking the foreign entry of the virus from abroad with border control, travel restrictions and other limitations on entry, which he said are more important than ever to keep the virus in check and “allow Americans to get back to work.”

The President outlined that instead of a blanket shutdown they will pursue a focus on sheltering the highest risk and establishing clear scientific metric and the benchmarks are testing new case growth and hospital capacity and that these must be met before advancing to each phase.

The President also outlined that this is a gradual process as the case load in a state continues to go down restrictions can continue to be eased and come off.

Throughout the process the President stated that citizens will continue to be called upon to practice vigorous hygiene, telework teleworking when possible, staying at home if people feel sick, maintaining social distance sanitising commonly used surfaces and being highly conscious of their surroundings.

He also stated that as the USA reopens, there will be continued hardships and challenges ahead and their goal will be to quickly identify and address any outbreaks and put them out rapidly.

In a rare sign of bipartisanship the President said “We’re really all working together, Democrat, republican conservative liberal. We’re all working together.”

Vice President Pence has also said that it was clear that we have no higher priority than the health and safety of Americans. He also said “We have preserved the capacity of our healthcare system,” and they have protected the most vulnerable.

Vice President Pence stated that the focus is on the mitigation of any risk of resurgence or the emergence of the coronavirus in states where it’s not presence, and that it has been made very clear to the governors that the new guidelines for opening up the USA again can be implemented on a statewide basis or on a county by county basis.

Dr. Deborah Burks from the Presidnet’s task force stated that there will be sentinel surveillance throughout nursing homes throughout inner cities and through federal clinics throughout indigenous populations to find early alerts of asymptomatic individuals in the community. She also stated that if schools are already closed, they should remain close and all visits to senior living facilities and hospitals should be continued to be prohibited.

In a message to employers, they are to encourage telework, and common areas should remain closed or be physically distance, all non essential travel for employees be, and then again special accommodations for vulnerable.

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