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Greens to introduce law: 14 days coronavirus leave for all affected workers

Amid the Covid-19 crisis and the subsequent community discussions around how vulnerable casual workers are in Australia, Greens Leader Adam Bandt MP said that when parliament resumes, the Greens will introduce legislation to provide 14 days’ paid sick leave to all workers affected by the coronavirus.

This comes of the back of the ACTU which has called for 2 weeks paid sick leave for workers affected by the virus, and has been ignored by the Morrison Government.

The bill would cover workers diagnosed with COVID 19, those required to self-isolate or who are caring for a family member affected by the virus. Workers whose workplace temporarily closes because of the virus will also be covered.

The Greens’ bill – if it was to pass -would mean the 3.3 million workers currently without paid leave entitlements will be able to access paid sick leave if affected by the virus, and will also ensure workers with leave provisions are not forced to exhaust their sick leave balances if their company temporarily closes because of the virus.

“The Morrison government must not leave Australian workers to fend for themselves during this crisis,” Greens’ leader Mr Bandt said.

“If we don’t pass this bill, coronavirus could spread faster because workers without paid sick leave who are affected by the virus may feel pressured to come to work instead of staying home.”

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