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Tell him he’s dreaming – Christian Porter says casuals are prepared for Covid-19 sick leave because they are “paid more”

Industrial Relations Minister Christian Porter has suggested casuals are prepared for Covid-19 sick leave because they are paid more.

“Many people would have already made provisions for that because of course the purpose of casual employment is that you’re paid extra in lieu of entitlements.” Said Mr Porter.

The Australian Council of Trade Unions says that there are 3.3 Million Australian workers with no access to paid leave. These are the people who face the greatest health and economic risks from the spread of the Coronavirus.

The grim reality is that if these workers become ill they will either attend work sick, be stood down by their employer without pay or potentially be subject to self-isolation regimes, imposed by the Morrison government, again without means to pay their bills.

The ACTU also highlighted that Workers without access to paid leave will be placed in the impossible position of choosing whether to attend work while suffering symptoms, possibly infecting others, or self-isolating without any means to pay their bills.

Minister Porter’s comments come whike Australian workers face uncertainty and financial stress in the face of the coronavirus crisis, The Morrison government and business have been working to strip them of access to sick leave and other entitlements.

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