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ACTU: Jetstar uses broken system to force bad deal on workers

Australia’s industrial laws are broken – no two ways about it and this is demonstrated by Jetstar. Jetstar workers have signed on to a new EBA under intense pressure from the airlines management.

“The system needs to change so that no worker is forced into signing on to a bad deal for fear of losing wages or conditions. Working people need more power.” commented ACTU Secretary Sally McManus.

In applying intense pressure the airline had threatened to withhold scheduled pay rises unless employees voted for the new agreement.

Ms McManus stayed that the Morrison Government has again shown that it will always side with employers over workers by refusing to change broken laws which allow employers unfair leverage over working people during negotiations.

The workers at Jetstar waged a brave campaign seeking better pay and conditions.

Despite repeated calls for action from the Transport Workers Union (TWU) the Morrison Government has refused to act to protect the pay and conditions of these workers, many of whom are forced to work as few as 20 hours a week, despite wanting full-time hours.

Ms McManus says “The TWU and the entire union movement will continue to support workers at Jetstar. The fight for job security and a wage you can live on is not over.”

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