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LNP Backed Faux Teachers’ Union Launched in Queensland – Members To Be Disadvantaged Due To Non Registration Status

A new “union” the Teachers’ Professional Association of Queensland has officially launched today in Queensland. TPAQ claiming to be “comparable” to the QTU and the Independent Education Union Queensland.

The so called new “Union” TPAQ’s Assistant State Secretary Jack McGuire told The Courier-Mail the union was established by a group of teachers that were concerned about the politicisation of the classroom and the education model.

TPAQ and it’s faux sister Union NPAQ were formed by Grahame Harcroft who was the chair of the LNP’s Industrial Relations Committee. He did this under the guise of being “non-political” while stating that the QNMU,QTU and the IEU are affiliated with the Australian Labor Party – which they are not.

A quick search of the TPAQ website shows that there is no information on the executive of the group.

TPAQ is a non-registered union which means they do not have right of entry to workplaces to hold discussions with staff, be covered by a collective agreement, initiate a dispute under a collective agreement, and they cannot enforce any legal right under a collective agreement. This significantly disadvantages any who join.

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