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Filipino actor and model outed as bisexual after privacy invasion

25 years old Filipino actor and model Alex Diaz was forced to reveal he is bisexual after an individual published a private Instagram conversation.

Diaz came out as a bisexual in an emotional Instagram post when a man who appears to be an “Online Fitness Coach” circulated screenshots of a private conversation of Instagram between himself and Diaz.

Diaz inquired if the person accepted lewd proposals, the man responded that he didn’t, once rejected Diaz issued an apology and asked the person not to share the conversation.

Ignoring the request the online fitness coach released the screenshots and distributed the conversation social media, which ended up being published by and online news agency.

In a statement released by Diaz he Thanked people for the “thousands of messages of love and support”.

He continued that he would “Never again … be shackled by the fear of what might be said about who I am for fear of losing my career and instead”. He also stated that he will champion change, acceptance and representation for the bisexual community and/or anyone who is met with prejudice in Philippines’ society.

Diaz continued, “It was not my intention to hurt anyone or elude the truth of who I am for all these years but rather a showbiz decisions based on the state of our nation in regards to acceptance and representation of who I am.”

The Philippines is often portrayed as the most gay-friendly nations in Asia.

1 Comment on Filipino actor and model outed as bisexual after privacy invasion

  1. Hooray for bisexuals! We (quietly) rule the world

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