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Is your can of Coke killing you? – Maybe

You reach for your can of Coke. It’s feels nice and cool, you open it, you hear that fizz and you are anticipating it’s refreshing taste. But, are you drinking yourself to an early death? The answer is maybe.

The study included 451, 743 people from 10 European countries. With participants recruited between January 1, 1992, and December 31, 2000.

Soft drinks like Coke, Pepsi, and Sprite are frequently consumed, but whether this consumption is associated with a death risk is unknown and has been understudied to date.

In a recent study published by JAMA Internal Medicine it was found that drinking artificially sweetened soft drinks was positively associated with deaths from circulatory diseases, and sugar-sweetened soft drinks were associated with deaths from digestive diseases.

Results of the study appear to support ongoing public health measures to reduce the consumption of soft drinks.

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