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Labor needs a new leader- this is how it will happen …

With the unexpected election loss on Saturday and Shorten’s resignation the Labor party will need a new leader.

How will this happen?

First: The National Executive will meet later this week to formally establish the process for the election of a new Leader.

Second: Nominations for the new Leader will be opened at a meeting of the Parliamentary Party – as we know now this will not include Tanya Plibersek.

(Candidates will require 20% support of the Caucus to formally nominate.)

Third: The ballot will take place. The ballot will be made up of 50% of votes from the Parliamentary Party and 50% of votes from a postal vote of rank and file members.

This will be conducted over 20 days.

Once the ballot has closed and then returned, the Parliamentary Party will meet to cast its votes.

The winner and combined result of both ballots will be announced shortly thereafter.

In the meantime Shorten will continue as Opposition Leader until the new Leader is elected.

Current Shadow Ministers will also remain in their portfolios until that time.

The Deputy Leader of the Party and the Leader and Deputy Leader of the Party in the Senate will be elected by the Caucus after the ballot is completed.

Shadow Ministers are also elected by the Parliamentary Party.

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