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What happened? ScoMo’s Lies & Deceit Won Out Enabled By Murdoch’s Henchmen

Pundits are waking up this morning thinking what has happened? How did this happen? Did it really happen?

While Morrison made it all about the economy and himself, he did this by means of lies and deceit.

He presented himself as a leader who can unite the Coalition. The reality is he got there by deceit. He played members of his own party against each other and stab all those running for the leadership in the back.

The fact of the matter is that the Liberal party is still in the midst of a civil war with the extreme attempting to stage a coup and take control. Even though they have suffered a massive blow with the lose of Abbott, the war continues.

He made up fake taxes and pinned them on Labor, like the death tax and retiree’s tax. Those who would be disadvantaged because of the fake taxes voted early and became part of the mechanism to spread the lies.

The Coalition had no new policies at the election and were just negative. This gave them very little risk in the election. The beauty about this election is it was a one man show – he will be held completely responsible for when he fails.

Morrison is still the Prime Minister because of the 3.5 per cent vote of United Australia Party. Labor faced a very cashed-up scare campaign from the UAP.

While some are claiming that Morrison has a complete the reality is no so true. If he only has 76 seat he could potential lose one to the speakership. This would mean he would need the support of crossbenchers, especially since the Speaker votes in the case of a tie.

He also only has the support of 50.92% of voters ( at the time of publication). The Prime Minister does not have the thumping victory that he likes to think he has. This is far from a miracle.

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