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ACTU: Morrison has no mandate for regressive IR agenda – Morrison on notice

Australia’s trade union peak body has put the re-elected prime minister on notice saying Government’s narrow re-election means it has no mandate for a regressive IR agenda.

“The re-election the Morrison Government gives them no mandate whatsoever to further pursue an anti-worker agenda.” said Sally McManus , ACTU Secretary.

The ACTU has said that its “change the rules” campaign will continue until Australian workers have a fair go.

The Australian Council of Trade Unions stated that Scott Morrison refused to outline an alternative vision for Australian workers and can “claim no mandate to continue down the path of reducing working people’s rights nor can he claim a mandate to further erode workers’ living standards.”

“Morrison’s silence, despite repeated requests, on industrial relations policy means he has no mandate to undermine worker’s rights, pay or job security.” Stated McManus.

“This election shows how much the rich and powerful will invest, and how far they will go, to maintain a system that benefits them at the expense of the vast majority of Australians.”

“Our response will be to re-double our efforts until we win change.”

Millions voted for better laws for working people and the incoming government must take those views into account.

The ACTU said the Australian Union movement will work every day to hold the Morrison Government to account and to advocate for urgently needed rights for working people.

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