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Shorten concedes defeat – will step down as leader

Bill Shorten has called Scott Morrison to concede defeat bringing an end to Labor campaign. Bill Shorten has also stated he will step down and will not recontest Labor leadership ballot.

“This has been a tough campaign. Toxic at times. But now that the contest is over, all of us have a responsibility to respect the result, respect the wishes of the Australian people and to bring our nation together.

“However that task will be one for the next leader of the Labor Party because while I intend to continue to serve as the member for Maribyrnong, I will not be a candidate in the next Labor leadership ballot.”

He also said ‘I wish I could have done it for Bob’.

He said he is always proud of the courage and the integrity and the vision that the Labor team showed.

“I’m disappointed for people who depend upon Labor but I’m proud that we argued what was right, not what was easy…”

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