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Prime Minister expected to call the federal election this morning

Source:WikicomonsJJJ Harrison CC BY-SA 3.0

The Prime Minister is expected to call the federal election this morning. The ABC reports he will drive to Government House to meet with the GovernorGeneral.

Both the Prime Minister and Labor Leader Mr Shorten have spent the past week in faux-election mode, visiting marginal seats and spruiking their campaign messages.

In an attempt to hold on to power and deflect questions about the election the Prime Minister has repeatedly refused to be drawn on what the date will be, saying: “The election will be called in April and held in May.”

The Australian Labor Party says it is time for Australia to make a choice.

“The Liberals will deliver more cuts, chaos and incompetence in the health portfolio. Labor will deliver better funded hospitals, a stronger Medicare, a massive investment in cancer care and more affordable private health insurance.”

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