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PM: “Elections is about trust” – Can ScoMo be trusted? No!

As the Prime Minister announced the election in the Prime Minister’s courtyard in Canberra he boldly declared that the election is about trust between him and Bill Shorten.

The question is can ScoMo be trusted? The short is answer is no. The reality is the economy weak and there is no energy policy after 6 years from 3 Prime Ministers.

This morning gross national debt is $535.8 billion, that’s up $262.8 billion since the 2013 election.

Up to 700,000 workers will have their penalty rates cut AGAIN on 1 July, 2019 if Scott Morrison is re-elected.

The Coalition is planning on increasing taxes. Tax to GDP ratio in the Coaliton’s Budget % GDP

2011-12 20.8%

2012-13 21.3%

2013-14 21.3%

2014-15 21.8%

2015-16 21.8%

2016-17 21.5%

2017-18 22.6% 2

018-19 23.1%

2019-20 23.3%

2020-21 23.4%

2021-22 23.7% (= 7th highest in history)

The Coalition’s economic record reads as follows:

  • Record low wage growth
  • Less than half jobs now permanent full-time – 1 million second jobs
  • Record inequality

After 6 years of cuts and chaos – under 3 Prime Ministers:

  • Taxes are up
  • The debt has doubled
  • electricity prices are up
  • the cuts to schools and hospitals remain
  • the NDIS and aged care are being starved of funds

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