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Budget 2019 – A plan to distract from 6 years of cuts and chaos

The budget that was handed door last night was nothing but a cynical plan to distract from the last 6 years of cuts and chaos.

The tax cuts in it are put of the plan. They are not designed to help because – they won’t due to bracket creep – but as a bribe leading into the election.

This cynical ploy of distraction comes at the expense of Australian with disabilities and the massive underspend in the NDIS. This massive under spend is equal to 14% of the forecasted surplus.

Real issues facing Australia were not even tackle the budget. There is no plan for wages, no plain to tackle high power prices and no plan for climate change.

Action, money and political will are needed to act on climate change and the environment. It’s simple- no environment, no economy. However, it’s missing from this budget.

To put it simply: this budget is not about Australia’s future but about, and only about, the Coalitions’ future. Once again the Coalition hasn’t learnt “it’s about service to the people. Not about yourselves”

This budget is based on the fundal mental lie of not increasing taxes while not investing in education and health.

Once again the Coalition has shown that their priorities are the top end of town with a $86 billion tax cut, while there are cuts to the NDIS and very little for schools. It has also left Australians a debt of $15,000 per person.

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