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Australia A Fast Food Nation – 58% Of Australians Get Fast Food Every 4 Weeks

Silhouette of a cheese burger loaded with summer garden vegetables isolated on fire, macro

It is McDonald’s and KFC remain the ‘top dogs’ in the quick service restaurant industry.

According to recent Roy Morgan research McDonald’s is visited by nearly a third of all Australians every four weeks, while KFC is now visited by nearly 4.7 million Australians.

The research has found that 58% of Australians visit a fast food restaurant ever four weeks.

It was also found that Over 3 million Australians now report visiting fast food restaurants 10 or more times in an average four week period.

Roy Morgan also found that Dominos is now visited or used for take away by over 2.8 million Australians and over a fifth of Australians, or 4.4 million, now visit fish & chip shops in an average four weeks while just under a fifth, 3.9 million, get take away from Asian restaurants which includes leading cuisines liked by Australians such as Chinese, Indian, Thai and Japanese.

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