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USA: Trump Continues To Push For Wall In State of The Union

US President Donald Trump has used the State of the Union address to continue to push for an anti immigrant wall along the southern U.S. border.

Trump said “I will get it built, smart, strategic, see-through steel barrier.”

Trump, pent much of his speech on dangers at the border with Mexico.

“As we speak, large, organized caravans are on the march to the United States,”

Trump a group of migrant men, women and children as a “tremendous onslaught.”

In keeping with tradition, the White House invited several guests who reflect the president’s policy priorities.

Trump’s guest include the family of a couple who were killed by immigrants in the U.S. 

At one point, Trump insisted that lawmakers must “rekindle the bond of love” in Washington.

“I ask the men and women of this Congress: Look at the opportunities before us! Our most thrilling achievements are still ahead. Our most exciting journeys still await.”

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