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Putin: Russia suspends INF nuclear deal with U.S.

President Vladimir Putin announced on Saturday that Russia has suspended the Cold War-era Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty after a similar move by the United States.

Putin said during a televised meeting with foreign and defense ministers that sine the U.S. declared that they suspend their participation in the deal, Russia has suspend it as well.

President Putin added that Washington has already violated the INF agreement.

Russia’s Sputnik is reporting that utin told Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu that Moscow was still open to negotiations and proposals regarding the INF treaty remained on the table; however, he instructed the ministers not to initiate talks regarding the matter.

Earlier Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated that the U.S. would suspend its obligations under the INF Treaty on Saturday and begin a six-month withdrawal process.

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