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Labor to restore penalty rates, health funding and protect Medicare

Bill shorten has outlined Labor’s vision for Australia at the Queensland ALP state conference this weekend.

With the background of the disunity of Liberal Party at a federal level Bill Shorten has presented a united party ready to take power at the next election.

Delivering one of keynote speeches at the state conference Labor and Shorten have stated that Sunday and public holiday rates will be restored within the first 100 days.

Once more Labor has promised to protect Medicare and in particular for Queensland to restore the funding that had been cut by the Liberal party. Labor has promised more MRI scans, more urgent care clinics and more chemotherapy clinics.

Mr shorten said “When you are in the fight for your life health care matters”

Labor has also put out a call for an Australian head of state.

“One of us, for all of us” stated Mr Shorten

Labor’s message was clear “we are ready and we are united”

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