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Liberal Chaos: Primary Vote Crashes In Wentworth down 22 points, 50.9% less likely to vote Liberal

With the former, defenestrated Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull resigning from Parliament the Liberal Party primary vote crashes over 22 points to 39.6%, compared to 2016 election 62.3% primary vote according to polling commissioned by the Australia Institute.

It is sill bad news for the new Prime Minister Scott Morrison. In Wentworth the Majority of voters (68.6%) think new Prime Minister Scott Morrison will do less to tackle climate change than Malcolm Turnbull. Voters were particularly unimpressed with Scott Morrison’s lump of coal antics, majority (50.9%) say it made them less likely to vote Liberal next election.

Ben Oquist, executive director of The Australia Institute says “Malcolm Turnbull had a huge personal vote and is enormously popular in the electorate. These figures show the new Liberal candidate faces a major challenge to retain the seat for the government,”

The polling also showed that the majority of voters (62.5%) think Australia should move to 100% renewable energy within the next 5-10 years and 66.6% think the national Energy Guarantee should include an emissions reduction target.

“Wentworth voters want a National Energy Guarantee with an emissions reduction target, and they want renewables sooner.” Said Mr Oquist.

“Australia needs an integrated climate and energy policy to have a secure investment environment. This will ultimately bring power prices down, increase reliability, and drive down pollution. “

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