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57% of Australians say – the Liberal party is divided and no longer fit to govern Australia

According to the latest Guardian-Essential poll, 57% of Australians think that “the Liberal party is divided and no longer fit to govern Australia.”

In a consecutive day of bad news for the newly installed Prime Minister the Coalition’s primary vote, has dropped 4 points from 39% to 35%.

The poll also highlighted that 52% of Australians want Morrison to call an early election.

While the Labor party has moved ahead of the Coalition on the two-party-preferred measure 55% to 45%.

The public has also passed judgment on the Liberal’s move on dumping Turnbull. 40% disapproved of the move.

The Guardian-Essential poll also highlighted that ” those on the government benches are:

  • out of touch with ordinary people (69%),
  • will promise anything to win votes (68%),
  • too close to big corporate and financial interests (67%).

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