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Qld Education Unions Fight For Teachers Being Taken Advantage Of By Qld Unis

The Education Unions, the Queensland Teachers Union and the Independent Education Union in Queensland are standing up for teachers supervising student teachers on teaching practicums.

Currently universities across Queensland are taking teachers who supervise student teachers for granted and are not recognising the hard work they are doing.

Teachers in Queensland are currently paid less than their colleagues interstate.

Teachers are paid only $21.05 a day for supervising student teachers, in NSW teachers are paid $30 a day. The payment is made directly to the teachers from the university.

Secondary teachers who share supervision responsibilities for a preservice teacher (across two teaching areas) only receive half of that.

The Queensland Teachers Union has said “It is extra insulting given that the federal government provides funding to universities specifically for the purpose of teaching practicums, and this funding is indexed annually by approximately 2 per cent.”

The union has also stated on Facebook that given the time it takes supervising teachers to properly guide a preservice teacher and meet the requirements of university accreditation and the Professional Experience and Reporting Framework, $21.05 a day is unacceptable.

“They are taking the hard work teachers do for university students, which is on top of the work they’re doing for their own students and school community, for granted. “

“… given its importance, it should be compensated fairly.” Stated the QTU.

More information about this issue can be found at

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