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Liberals change the salesman (again) but still the same agenda of cuts, chaos and inaction

Opinion: The Liberals may have changed the salesman, but the product is still the same: same cuts and chaos.

Some media pundits are saying that the new Prime Minister should be given time to be judged and that people shouldn’t start attacking him – rubbish!

He doesn’t need time to prove his worth as Prime Minister. He can be judged now. He can be judged on his past actions. To believe that he will be any different in the job is pure fantasy.

Looking through his public record he it is very clear what his priorities are. He has nailed them to the mast and the flutter in the wind for all to see.

The new Prime Minister voted 26 times to stop the Royal Commission into the banks. He voted 26 times to prevent the big banks from being held accountable for their actions.
The Commonwealth Bank broke superannuation laws over 13,000. That is 13,000 that they committed criminal offences. The new Prime Minister didn’t want the public to now this. It isn’t just the Commonwealth Wealth bank, there is the National Australia Bank who was found to be ethically unsound in its negotiations with ASIC. The bank also charged for services that it never delivered. Then to add insult to injury, the back tried to keep the money because it provided other services for free. That really means that the other services weren’t free, people were being robbed to provide them. With all this unconscionable behaviour now in the public, the new Prime Minister must act. He must also answer for the fact that he tried to prevent the public finding out about this. He really is guilty by association by voting against the royal commission 26 times. Don’t forget, he called this royal commission a populist whinge.

It is also clear that Morrison must commit to making public any new Coalition Agreement with the National Party. As others have done in the past nothing is more fundamental to our democracy than a deal a major party does with a minor party to form government. However, considering the fact that he tried to prevent the public knowing about the criminal behaviour of the banks, we won’t know about the deal that will not only affect the government but will have a direct impact on everyday Australians.

The first day on the job the new PM has declared the drought a priority. The question now is, if it is a priority now what was it before? Obviously, it wasn’t. He was part of a ’cabinet’ government, a ’consultative’ government that abolished the drought COAG Committee.

If he is serious about helping drought-affected farmers, the first thing he’ll needs to do is restore the drought COAG Committee his government abolished.

The example we will look at is the number of older Australians waiting for home care. For three months the Turnbull Government (which Morrison was part of) has deliberately delayed the release of the latest data on the number of older Australians waiting for home care.

The data has finally been released and revealed more than 108,000 older Australians are now waiting for care – this includes more than 88,000 older Australians waiting with high needs, many with dementia.

many of these older Australians are waiting more than two years for care and sadly with the number of people waiting for a home care package growing these wait times will only grow.

The question for the Turnbull-Morrison Government is this: how can it find $17 billion for the big banks but fail to deliver one new dollar of funding for aged care? What will Morrison do? Nothing, he has done nothing and will do nothing.

Paul Keating has predicted the following:

” Prediction for the next 6 months:

1. Fear mongering about refugees loitering in international waters waiting for a Labor Govt.

2. Fear mongering about reckless Labor spending even though LNP have TRIPLED the debt

3. Fear mongering about dole bludgers and students.”

You will note, it’s the same agenda as before.

Don’t forget, Morrison was the chief promoter of the Turnbull Government’s policy of failed trickle down economics.

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