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The New Learner PM – Scott Morrison

The new 30th Prime Minister – Who is Morrison?

He was raised in the Uniting Church, but later became a follower of Pentecostalism. He now attends the Shirelive Church, which is affiliated with the Australian Christian Churches and the Assemblies of God. He has said “the Bible is not a policy handbook, and I get very worried when people try to treat it like one”.  In late 2017, Morrison stated that he would become a stronger advocate for protections for religious freedom

What is his record?

He was the architect of the plan to give the big banks a $17 billion corporate tax cut and was 100% behind every toxic trickle-down policy of the Turnbull Government like:

• Cuts to penalty rates

• Slashing funding to schools & hospitals

• Establishing the ABCC and the Registered Organisations Commission that organised police raids on union offices

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