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Profile of young carers in Australia: one in twenty people aged 15-24 years are young carers

According to newly released census data, one in twenty people aged 15-24 years were young carers.

In 2016 there were a total of 2.1 million people in Australia who reported that they provided unpaid care. Young Australians aged 15-24 years made up 16% of the population aged 15 years and over, and represented almost one in 15 carers (7.1%).

The census also showed that In line with trends among all carers, young women made up more than half (55%) of all young carers . The proportion of young people who were carers varied somewhat between the states and territories. Most notable was the relatively high proportion of young carers in the Northern Territory, where one in twelve 15-19 year. olds (8.6%) and 20-24 year olds (8.3%) provided unpaid assistance.

Cultural perceptions and expectations about providing care may increase the likelihood of caring among Young people from culturally or linguistically diverse backgrounds. For those from collectivist cultures6 which strongly value family relationships, rates of young carers may be higher.

Young carer households tended to be The census also showed that young cares came from slightly larger t, the average number of people in households with at least one young carer was 3.9.

In 2016 young carers were still less likely to have completed Year 12 or its equivalent (75%) than those of the same age who did not provide unpaid care (79%).
did not provide unpaid care (79%).

most commonly reported occupations among young female carers were Sales workers (29%) and Community and personal service workers (27%), while young male carers were more likely to be employed as Technicians and trade workers (24%) or Labourers (22%).

Young carers were more likely to live in a household with a lower income (less than $800 per week) than young people without caring responsibilities.

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