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Palestinian Death Toll Rises To 12 After Trump’s Announcement

Two men reportedly killed after clashing with Israeli border forces

The number of Palestinians killed since Trump’s Jerusalem decision has risen to 12 since.

Christmas celebrations in Bethlehem dampened by violence after Palestinians took to the streets to protest the decision.

Most of the deaths have occurred in Gaza, where protesters have been clashing with Israeli forces along the border fence.

Forces have used tear gas and live fire to disperse the crowds.

Among the dead are two Hamas militants killed in an Israeli airstrike that was carried out in response to terrorist rocket fire from Gaza.

The Trump administration has said its decision on Jerusalem does not mean it is pulling out of the Middle East peace process and that the U.S. would support a two-state solution if it is agreed to by Israel and the Palestinians.

However, Palestinian Authority President Mahmound Abbas says he no longer wants the U.S. involved in peace efforts following its recent decision.

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