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Turkey: Israel is a terrorist state Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine

Turkish President Erdogan calls Israel a terrorist state, calls on countries to recognize Jerusalem as the occupied capital of Palestine and says U.S should reverse its decision recognizing the city as Israel’s capital.

At the same time Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas says U.S president Trump decision on Jerusalem is ‘greatest crime’, says Trump decision ‘flagrant violation’ of international law.

Abbas also says the U.S can no longer have role in the peace process because it is biased in favour of Israel, Trump gave Jerusalem to Israel as if it was a city in the United States.

Abbas also says peace will not come unless Jerusalem is recognized as Palestine’s capital.

Since Trump’s announcement, the Israeli army has enforced its presence in Jerusalem and intensified its operations against Hamas, mainly destroying terrorist tunnels in the Gaza strip. Palestinians have been protesting against Trump’s decision all over the country, and have been calling for another uprising in a bid to “shake off” what they term Israeli occupation.

Hamas has announced the beginning of the third “intifada” following Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. It didn’t take long for Israel to respond.

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