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Shorten: I don’t trust his [Dastyari] judgement again

Opposition leader, Bill Shorten, has said he is satisfied Senator Sam Dastyari has not broken any law and the Senator he is not a national security risk, it the opposition leader is not satisfied with the Senator’s judgement.

Mr Shorten spoke to the senator last night, and told him he wanted the Senator to resign from all of the senior positions that he holds within the Parliament.

“I have done this because I believe that team is characterised his position from a press conference last year. — he mischaracterised his position.” Said Mr Shorten

“I am deeply disappointed with Senator Dastyari, as leader of the Labor Party, that he has put me in a position where I have to sack him again, and the point about this is that I think he will know his colleagues are deeply, deeply frustrated with his very poor judgment.”

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