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Essential Vision Poll: 89% of Australians have voted in SSM survey – 64% voted Yes

After weeks of division, nastiness and bigotry , next Wednesday Australia will learn what the results will be from the marriage equality survey.

If the results are anything like the polls are predicting, the answer will be a resounding yes to love.

Today is the final day ballots can still be handed in and the latest Essential Vision poll shows that 89% of Australians have already voted.

Of those who have voted 64% have voted yes. When broken down along party lines, the results are: Labor 79% voted yes, the Coalition is at 54% with the Greens coming in at 92%.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has confirmed that she voted yes and said everyone had a right to “be with the person they love”.

It is expected that if the ballot is successful same sex marriage laws will be in place by Christmas.

1 Comment on Essential Vision Poll: 89% of Australians have voted in SSM survey – 64% voted Yes

  1. I heard that the Libs will be using the results of this survey to recruit a conservative GetUp campaign by targetting areas with ‘robocalls’ where there was a high no vote to assist them in bringing into play a counter for GetUp before the next federal election. Perhaps that is why they wanted the ABS to run this ludicrous survey, instead of the AEC because they can access the data more easily from the ABS.

    Even if that conspiracy theory is a bit ‘out there’, there will be a shit load of data that can be mined from this survey & be used by some political parties in the future.

    I could be wrong as this doesn’t sound like something the Libs would do!!!

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