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Newman: only way the LNP can form government is with One Nation

Former one-term Queensland Premier Campbell Newman tells Sky News the only way the LNP can form government is if it has the support of One Nation.

“One Nation will win seats – there’s no doubt in my mind – anywhere between five and 10, I’m happy to say that,” Mr Newman said.

“Nicholls, if he wants to be Premier, has to have their support.He can say whatever he likes, but that’s the only way I see the LNP being able to form government.”
One Nation’s Steve Dickson says the party has 60-plus candidates ready to roll. “We will definitely get the balance of power in Queensland.” commented Mr Dickson.

The Queensland LNP are under increasing pressure to declare if there will be or is a preference deal with One Nation. One Nation has said that it will be decided seat by seat.

Labor has said Tim Nichols will do what he can to gain government.

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