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ABS: 74.5 % of Same Sex Marriage Surveys

As of Friday, 20 October 2017 the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has reported that the bureau has now received an estimated 11.9 million, that is 74.5 per cent of survey forms for the same Sex Marriage Law Survey.

The ABS has said that form scanning is now well underway, and their current estimate is based on a count of forms scanned rather than earlier estimates that were based on the weight of the bulk containers of returned forms waiting to be scanned.

The ABS estimates it received an additional 300,000 forms last week.

Today’s Essential Vision poll reported that 75% of Australians say they have already voted in the same sex marriage survey and 8% say they will definitely vote. This compares to 47% and 33% respectively 3 weeks ago.

Of those who have already voted, 60% say they voted yes and 34% no.

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